Gói Karlsson

you can see Gói as Einar in Blackport

Gói Karlsson was born in Reykjavík 1980. He graduated 2005 with a BFA degree in acting from Iceland Academy of the Arts. He has mainly been working in theatre ( Reykjavík city theatre and the National theatre of Iceland ) and has played about 40 big and leading roles in Comedy, farces, musicals, drama and classics.

Goi has written two musicals for the National theatre, three series (about 80 episodes) of the most famous children show in Iceland and was one of the writers of New Years Eve comedy show for RÚV (the national broadcasting service)

He plays the part of Finnur in the new series of Trapped and Doddi drulla in the Movie Let me Fall 

Gói can sing and dance, Tenor/Baritone plays the guitar and piano.