Arnar Dan Kristjánsson

You can find Arnar playing Haraldur in Trapped III on Netflix and Óli in Brúðkaupið mitt

Arnar has various TV and Film credits including Noah, Trapped III, Brúðkaupið mitt and Ordinary people. In addition he has performed various voice acting roles in children’s programmes.

He graduated with a BA degree in acting from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2013. Straight after graduation he started working at Reykjavik City Theater and performed there for over 7 years and participated in numerous productions. Among Arnar´s roles are Pepper in MAMMA MIA! the musical, Rocky in Rocky Horror, James Tyrrell in Richard III and William Bloor in foxfinder by Dawn King.

Arnar performed at Teatro dell´arte in Milan for one year in 2014/15 and worked on Robert Wilson’s play Letter to a man.

In 2014 Arnar wrote and directed a two person production called Landsliðið á línu with a contrabass score by Bára Gísladóttir. The piece was inspired by his own experiences working on a fishing trawler as a teanager.