Bragi Þór Hinriksson

Released in 2021 Birta

is an accomplished award winning Icelandic film director.

He has directed six feature length films, four of which have enjoyed enormous box office success locally in Iceland with domestic box office numbers rivalling the likes of Harry Potter, Toy Story 3 and Avatar. His latest TV feature “Face to face” (Klukkur um jol) is being distributed through DR sales in Europe and has been selected to screen at festivals in Germany, Holland, Finland and Scandinavia in 2016 and 2017. Throughout his career Hinriksson has developed a keen understanding of the strategic steps needed for successful motion pictures. His first professional work as a puppeteer on the longest running program for children when he was 14 years old put him on the path of becoming one of the most successful directors for projects aimed at family and children eventually leading him to becoming the co-writer and director on three seasons on the program (Stundin okkar / Our hour) from 2013-2016 lifting the program to new heights

Today Hinriksson has several projects in development and is scheduled to start production on a feature TV project called “The Promise” a dramatic tale about a young brother and sister who’s parents are having a divorce, scheduled to start filming in January 2017. Hinriksson has been awarded the Icelandic Academy Awards (Edda), five times with nine total nominations. He is a member of the Icelandic Society of film directors (SKI).