Davið Thor Katrinarson

Davíð is playing Officer Cooper in True Detective 4

graduated from Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater in 2015.

His first role as a professional actor was in the Pulitzer prize winning play The Flick by Annie Baker produced by the Reykjavík City Theater in 2016.

The play was very well received and David was nominated for actor of the year in ‘Gríman’ the Icelandic Theater Awards.

Since then David has been a part of many stage productions in Iceland, both in the Reykjavik City Theater and The National Theater of Iceland. Including portraying the role of Earl Rivers in the City Theater’s production of Richard III by William Shakespeare. The show went on to winning multiple awards including best show of 2019.

David Thor is also a musician and a writer. He has been performing with the Icelandic award winning band Hatari since 2017 and is featured on their latest album with his song ‘Helvíti’.

David Thor will appear in the upcoming tv show ‘Vitjanir’ or ‘Fractures’ (working title) which will air on all the major nordic tv stations in 2021.

David Thor’s mother is Icelandic and his father is Gambian. He himself was born in Norway and raised there for the first six years of his life.

He is fluent in Icelandic, American English, RP and Norwegian and speaks those languages with flawless accents.