Guðjón “Denni” Pálmarsson

you can see Denni as Jói in Sisterhood

a.k.a. Denni Minn graduated from the Arts Educational School of Acting in London in 2003. Since then he has performed extensively in various theaters, films and television shows. A handsome Engineer, an Antarctic Explorer, a Latvian hired goon, a bodybuilder with a lisp, a good cop, a bad cop, a strawberry blonde sidekick.

Guðjón has had the good fortune to play a variety of different roles. Born and raised in the rural part of south Iceland, Guðjón is also a skilled craftsman and has worked behind the scenes of numerus films and TV shows such as Fast and the Furious, Star Wars and Black Mirror, just to name-drop a few. Recent acting work includes Systrabönd, Icelandic mini series and The Midnight Sky directed by George Clooney. Guðjón is also the viking Baldur on the cover of Skálmöld’s debut album ‘Baldur’.