Guðjón “Denni” Pálmarsson

Denni is currently shooting Darkness

Denni Minn, an Icelandic actor with roots in the rugged spirits of his ancestors, graduated from the Arts Educational School of Acting in London in 2003. He embarked on a journey that skillfully weaves his Viking resolve with a touch of artistic grace.

In the realm of entertainment, Denni has left his mark on various TV shows and films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Spending the majority of last year immersed in “True Detective” and currently taking on the role of a Russian thug in the ongoing series “Darkness,” Denni continues to find interesting challenges in his work.

Beyond the spotlight, Denni is a devoted family man – a proud father of three and a loving husband to his beautiful wife. Born and raised in rural south Iceland, he’s not only an accomplished actor but also a skilled craftsman who has contributed behind the scenes to major productions like Fast and the Furious, Star Wars, and Black Mirror.

Off the set, Denni dons multiple hats as a meticulous set builder, and the owner of a trusty truck. Whether transforming scripts into captivating performances or creating tangible worlds behind the scenes, Denni’s dedication to his craft and family shines through, making him a true artisan both on and off the screen.