Jónmundur Grétarsson

you can see Jonni as Einar in Sisterhood

Jónmundurs most recent work include one of the lead roles in the highly critically acclaimed Icelandic crime series Sisterhood (Edda Award Winner best TV series in Iceland 2022) produced by Sagafilm/Sjónvarp símanns/Sky Studios/Viaplay, Icelandic comedy series Kennarastofan which broke the record for most views produced by Sjónvarp Símanns/Kontent, True Detective season 4, The icelandic film Solitude, Terrence Malick upcoming film The Last Planet, and the german film Eine Million Minutes.

His recent theater work at The National Theater of Iceland include Amir in the Pulitzer Prize winning play Disgraced by Ayad Akthar, Tibalt in Romeo and Juliet, Arni Arnæus in The Icelandic Bell which he also produced in association with The National Theater the play ended up getting most nominations for the Grimu Awards in 2023 including play of the year.

Jónmundur is a skilled athlete with years of gymnastic training. He has also played nearly two hundred soccer matches in the top three divisions in Iceland and in 2011 he went on a soccer scholarship to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and in 2014 he graduated with Bachelor degree in Acting along with being MVP of the Urban Knight soccer team. He immediately started working as an actor at the National Theater of Iceland and got quite quickly into TV and films.

Being part of the first Icelandic generations of actors with different ethnicities Jonmundur founded the group Elefant which focuses and pushes for more diversity with in the Icelandic art scene.

He is fluent in Icelandic, English American and speaks those languages with flawless accents.