Leifur Sigurðarson

Leifur is Magnús Gunnarsson in Vikings: Valhalla

Leifur hails from both New Zealand and Iceland, and spent the first two decades of his life pursuing a professional tennis career, representing both New Zealand and Iceland, including at Davis Cup level.

His pursuit of acting led him to land his breakout role playing Nils Lindstrom in Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines. Before that, he appeared as Jorge in the New Zealand sitcom ‘Welcome to Paradise’, and most recently played the role of Gunnar Magnusson in Netflix’s Vikings Valhalla. Leifur has also been busy with a number of short films and commercials.

He is fluent in both English and Icelandic and speaks Danish at an intermediate level. He is well adept at accents, including English RP, Natural American, Scandinavian, South African, Russian, New Zealand (native) and several others,