Svandís Dóra Einarsdóttir

Svandís just finished shooting Backfire

Svandís Dóra is an Icelandic actress and has starred on a
number of feature films, TV series and in many theatre projects in
the National Theatre of Iceland and with independent theatre

In 2022-23 she starred in the hit TV series Balls
(Afturelding) where she played the female lead, the feature film
Northern Comfort and award winning films Summerlight and Then
Comes the Night where she plays one of the lead and April Skies
(CAN) which she was nominated as the Best Leading Actress in
Central Alberta Film Festival. She also starred in the popular TV
series Trapped III on Netflix. She starred in the theatre piece
Congratulations on being Human in the National Theatre of Iceland.
Upcoming film All Eyes on Me (CAN) is in post production and due
to be realesed in 2024.
Svandís Dóra has also done a lot of voice over and is currently the
ongoing character, Valka, for the hit international video came
Assassin ́s Creed Valhalla.

Svandís Dóra also starred in the feature films In Front of Others,
which she was nominated as the Best Supporting Actress at the
Icelandic Film Awards Edda. Other films appearances include the
award winning film Of Horses and Men, the Icelandic comedy
classic Harrý & Heimir – Morð eru til alls fyrst, Love on Iceland
(Hallmark USA), Polite People, City State and Faust by Aleksander

She has also starred on a number of TV series, such as
Fractures,The Lava Field, The Mayor, Promises, Ordinary People
and in the award winning short Playing with Balls.

Svandís Dóra graduated as an actress from The Icelandic Art
Academy in 2010.