Thor Tulinius

in Black Sands as Ragnar,

graduated from the National Theatre academy of Iceland in
1985. He received a grant from the French Government to work in The Comedie Francaise, where he participated in the staging of Jean Genet’s, The Balcony, 1985-86.
In Iceland he worked for the Reykjavík City Theatre as an actor from 1987 – 1990and simultaneously he founded a professional Theatre Group, named Thibillja.

He directed the first play which was written by the group. In 1991 he was contracted by the National Theatre of Iceland, where he acted the next years. Meanwhile he had a great success as a director with his adaptation of The Country of the Blind, by H.G. Wells.

The production was invited to various festivals in Europe. He signed a
contract with The City Theatre of Reykjavik (Borgarleikhusid) as an actor, director
and playwright 2000-2008. Thor has acted in over 50 theatre productions for the City
Theatre, The National Theatre of Iceland and various professional Theatre Groups
among which Thibilja, which he founded with others in 1989. Among the theatre
roles Thor has acted are: Puck (Midsummer Night’s dream), Mercutio (Romeo and
Juliet), Macbeth (Macbeth) and Leontes (Winter’s Tale) in Shakespeare. Song in M
Butterfly, Clov in Endgame by Beckett, etc. Thor has directed 20 theatre
productions, among which are Tartuffe by Moliere in the City Theatre, The Visitor
by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt with Thibillja and All my Sons by Arthur Miller in The
National Theatre. Thor has been nominated as best actor for “Gríman” (The Icelandic
Theatre Guild Awards) three times, and then once as a producer and at last, once as a
Playwright and he received “Gríman” as best actor in leading role 2015 for Clov in
Beckett’s Endgame. In 2012 Thor premiered a monologue on the old Norse Religion
in Borgarnes, which he played with great success for a whole season.