Vala Kristín Eiríksdóttir

Soon lead in series 4 of Venjulegt Fólk

Vala is a writer, producer and lead actress in the TV series “Ordinary People”. The first season 2018. Now 4 seasons in and the fifth season is on its way. Produced by Glassriver and released on Sjónvarp Símans in Iceland. Nominated 3 times for Best Fiction Series in Eddan – Icelandic film and TV award. Vala also received a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading role for her performance in season 3

Vala is one of two writers of the sketch comedy show “Þær Tvær” or “Those two”. In 2015-16, Channel 2 produced two seasons where Vala and her colleague played all the characters.

Other roles in TV and film: Svava in the film Reykjavík, Guðrún in the TV series Borgarstjórinn, Mist in the mini series Prisoners and Stefanía in the film Woman at War.

She graduated with an honorary BS from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2015 and has been a leading actress in the City Theatre in Reykjavík since. Her first part was Isobel in Bull by Mike Bartlett and since then she has taken on various roles including: Lisa in MAMMA MIA!, Colombia in Rocky Horror, Mrs. Wormwood for which she received an award for Best Actress in a supporting role at the Icelandic Performing Arts Award and Carol in Oleanna by David Mamet for which she received a nomination for Best Actress in a leading role at the same awards.